Monday, August 22, 2011

Coping with Lupus Headaches

I have begun to suffer from Lupus headaches. These are not like the average headache, pop a Tylenol and it go away. These are more on the end of migraines. My head feel like its splitting, pounding, piercing, throbbing and aching all at the same time. Followed by a spinning sensation like a tornado and a feeling of nauseous and sometimes vomiting. Typically these headaches start mid day and lasting hours into the evening. Thus far, I’ve been taking Ibuprofen to treat these headaches, but most of the time the only relief I get is from rest. I turn off the lights (make the room as dark as possible), turn off the TV, and go to sleep.

I've been told that one of the ways to help prevent headaches or migraines is to understand your possible triggers. In order to do this, health care providers often recommend using a migraine diary (also known as a headache diary). This is a tool that allows you to clearly capture, in a standardized way, how often you get migraines, how severe they are, and the possible relationship to physical, emotional, or environmental factors. There are several down able diaries, electronic diaries, and headache diary apps(s) for (Iphone, Ipad, and Droid Mobile cell phones). * They make apps for everything*

I'm trying to avoid harsher treatments and drugs such as Plaquenil and prednisone to treat these headache episodes. This seems to be the first drug of choice upon complaint of the headaches. I prefer natural alternatives therapies such as exercise, diet supplements, meditation, special diets and maintaining a strong support system. I’ve also been told that conserving energy by setting limits on how I spend my time is helpful. Fatigue is a common complaint for lupies. Listening to your body's signals by resting or taking short naps during the day can help reduce the occurrence of lupus headaches.

I’m starting my headache diary today, a gluten free diet, and hopefully I can figure out what or who ( my triggers . If you have any advice- please share ….


  1. I know exactly how you feel, my worst migraine lasted for 3 days and I couldn't do anything but lay competely still in a dark room. I have learned what my triggers are through keeping a migraine dairy and I have reduced my migraines I used to get them on average 4-6 times per month now I am down to 1-3 per month which is great for me! I hope you find some releif

  2. Hey Hun, I know all too well about dealing with extreme headaches. I know that caffeine is known to help with headaches. I have also heard green apple candy (ie. Jolly Ranchers, Blow Pop), it has something to do with the smell. Another suggestion I have for you is making sure you are hydrated, this may lessen the intensity and frequency of your headaches. I do realize that they stem from your Lupus but if any of these things help you have better days then it is worth try. I myself suffer from Intercrannial Hypertension (IIH), so I can relate to some of your trials and tribulations. I will pray for you and your health. With <3.

  3. Thank You ladies.. Ive increased my water intake.. and I soon found out that a erthquake is a TRIGGER!!!! whew buddy.. as soon as the walls and floor started to shake, POW.. headache!!!!!!

  4. I find taking Magnesium before bed really helps my headaches (and muscle stiffness too). Just make sure it's something like Magnesium Malate or Aspartate, which you'll probably need to get at a health food store. The basic drugstore version is Magnesium Oxide, which is only good for fixing one thing: constipation!


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